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Ringside Боксерские Лапы Classic PM

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Ringside Боксерские Лапы PMБоксерская Экипировка | Лапы/Подушки Тренерские


Традиционные боксерские лапы обладают ударопрочной системой, которая включает в себя наполнитель из "запоминающей пены".
Эта уникальная система лучше поглощает силу удара и помогает лапам сохранять свою форму.

Материал: Кожа
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Ringside Boxing Punch Mitts Classic/Traditional PMEqiupment | Focus Pads for Boxing Trainer


Traditional Punch Mitts impact-resistant system incorporates a layer of 'memory foam' padding.
This unique system better absorbs the force from and helps the pads to retain their shape.


Proven design and materials

Memory foam impact surface for better absorption

Hook and loop wrist strap setup

Comfortable hand compartment material

Nice big surface for enhanced technique variety

Memory foam padding crates an enhanced, impact resistant surface for your most rigorous mitt routines.
A classic design, proven over many years of testing and results.
The pad is made to retain shape over years of use.
Hook and loop wrist strap system helps secure the mitts properly.
Soft hand compartment helps coaches and sparring partners keep their focus on what's important - the training.

Material: Leather
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