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Gaponez Crossfit® Канат L10m Ø30mm GCRE

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Gaponez Crossfit® Тренировочный Канат L10m Ø30mm GCRE Кроссфит | Тренировочное Оборудование | Функциональная тренировка с веревочным канатом



GAPONEZ Training/Battle Rope GCRE


Battle Ropes provide an unbelievable power, strength and endurance exercise tool that is sweeping the nation with incredible popularity. Battle Ropes provide an intense workout with a myriad of possibilities. Realize amazing muscular gain and endurance, cardiovascular conditioning, and amazing fat burning properties.

Ideal for strength, power and endurance training

Increases aerobic and anaerobic capacity

A low impact cardiovascular training tool that produces amazing results

Incredible full body workout, including great trunk conditioning

Helps develop powerful grip strength

The perfect workout for all combat sports – boxing, kickboxing, MMA, grappling, fighting sports and more

Easily adjust workout intensity for individual size, strength and ability

Professionally manufactured with a blend of polyester and polypropylene fibers twisted into an incredibly strong, yet easy to the hands rope. Unlike traditional manila ropes, the poly Dacron ropes won't shed, making them perfect for indoor or outdoor use. Incredibly strong, with an excellent strength-to-weight ratio. Complete with heavy-duty vinyl handles on both ends for extra secure grip. Sold individually, except for the Partner Ropes.


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