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Asahi Дзюдо Защита Головы AJHG

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Asahi Дзюдо Защита Головы AJHG


Размер: Одноразмерный
Страна-производитель: Япония
Цвет: Белый
Материал: Полиэстер

Asahi Judo Headgear AJHG
Judo | Head Guard


It is for the Kumite and judo throw when, of course, passive practice when head injuries preventing your head guard.

From the head side the particularly important up to approximately 17 mm shock relief material pad secure firmly.

The detachable Velcro can be fixed firmly Chin easy, difficult to shift.

Polyester non-greasy body sweating even washing easy, easy dry clean keeps.

Size is one size fits all response from elementary and junior high school students and older.

Name field in the back of the head for use in courses useful, so can write a name in pen, etc.

* Please note: this product is head damage mitigation purposes, but is not completely prevent accidents, disability, injury, etc.

Size free color white

Material: polyester


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