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Adidas Упоры для Отжиманий (Пара) ADAC-12231

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1 990 руб.
Adidas Упоры для Отжиманий (Пара) Черный Цвет (ADAC-12231) Q08784 Фитнес Оборудование - Упоры для Отжимани


Отжимания – это лучшие упражнения для укрепления и создания рельефа мышц груди, плеч и рук.
Эти упоры позволят вам достигать более низкой точки при отжиманиях, что приведет к большей амплитуде, и, как следствие, к большей работе мышц.

Размеры (см): 19.5 (L) x 15 (W) x 11.5 (H)
Размеры упаковки (см): 18.5 (L) x 12 (W) x 20 (H);
Вес нетто: 0.75 кг;
Вес брутто: 0.915 кг;
Цвет: Черный
# (ADAC-12231) Q08784

Adidas Push Up Bars Black Color (ADAC-12231) Q08784 Fitness Equipment - Push Up Bars



Push ups are one of the best exercises for creating strength and power in the chest, shoulders and arms these push up bars enable you to get lower in the press position which results in a bigger range of motion in the shoulder joint.....and that means you work the pectoral chest muscles harder.

To be your best:

Alternate between close grip push ups to hit the triceps and wide grip to target the chest.

Coach says:

I like the way these keep the wrist joint in neutral rather than extended, this is good because you are always going to get better results if the joints are stacked in alignment rather than staggered.

Designer notes:

Our testers are our biggest fans as well as most challenging critics so we love it when they come up with exercises that we hadn't even thought of.
Try dropping down then on the way back up lift one hand off the ground (keep hold of the push up bar) and go in to a superman pose, drop back down then on the next rep lift the opposite hand.

Dimensions (cm): 19.5 (L) x 15 (W) x 11.5 (H);
Dimensions Pack(cm): 18.5 (L) x 12 (W) x 20 (H);
Net Weight: 0.75 kg;
Gross Weight: 0.915 kg.
Color: Black
# (ADAC-12231) Q08784

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