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Adidas Ремень для Тяги ADGB-12141

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1 090 руб.
Adidas Ремень для Тяги ADGB-12141Тяжелая Атлетика Аксессуары - Ремень для Тяжелой Атлетики


Ремни для тяги предназначены для тренировок с учеличенным весом штанги.
Ремни выполнены из сверхпрочного неопрена, предназначенного для усиленных нагрузок.
Поставляется в паре.

Материал: Хлопок, Нейлон, Неопрен
Цвет: Черный
Длина: 51 см
Ширина: 3.4 см
Толщина: 0.4 см
Вес упаковки: 0.1 кг
# ADGB-12141

Adidas Lifting Straps ADGB-12141
Weightlifting Accessories - Lifting Straps



Lifting straps are a training aid which can help the wearer increase their maximum lifts by increasing the amount of weight they can lift on a bar.

To be your best:

Wrap the strap around both your wrist and the bar to give you a more secure grip that you can achieve with just your bare hands.

Coach says:

Grip strength is important but wearing these can help get athletes past a sticking point if they seem to be able to dead lift heavier weights because they have the leg strength but not the grip strength.

Designer notes:

The design of lifting straps hadn't changed for years so we looked at similar products which are just simply cotton straps and decided that we would move things forward by adding a heavy duty neoprene skin around the wrist section to increase the comfort.

Material: Cotton, Nylon, Neoprene
Color: Black
Length: 51 sm
Width: 3.4 sm
Height: 0.4 sm
Tare Weight: 0.1 kg
# ADGB-12141

0.08 с