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Asics Верх SS Cool Man T626ZN

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Asics Верх SS Cool Man T626ZN
Asics Верх SS Cool Man T626ZNВ наличии
1 990 руб.1 390 руб.


Asics Верх SS Cool Man T626ZN

2>Мужская Одежда | Майка без Рукавов | Безрукавка | Термобелье | Термофутболка


Поможет своему владельцу всегда быть в тепле, сухости и комфорте во время физической активности.
Предназначено как для тренировок, так и для повседневного использования.
Сохранение тепла в прохладную погоду, дышащий материал, эргономичный облегающий крой.
Вышитый логотип ASICS внизу.
Мягкие внешние плоские швы повторяют движения тела.

Состав ткани: 50% полиамид, 50% полипропилен
# T626ZN

Asics Top SS Cool Man T626ZN1>

Men's Apparel | Top Tank | Sleeveless | Base Layer | Thermal Underwear


  • Rapid moisture transport and good ventilation.
  • ASICS knitwear protects against UV rays, does not cause allergic reactions and provides a bacteria-hostile environment.
  • Extraordinary elasticity and form-fitting properties.
  • Ideally suited to wearing both while doing sport and for everyday use.
  • Excellent thermal isolation *** Flat seams *** antistatic and antiallergenic.

Thermoactive underwear made from a soft yarn with a special attributes.
Its advantage is three-dimensional elasticity in all directions and properly chosen size guarantees ideal figure.
Exceptional two-layer knitwear in combination with flat seam technology ensures humidity and sweat collection whichguarantees that skin is always dry (internal layer) and keep body warm and protect against chafing (external layer).

Discover the lightness of Dryarn, the lightest yarn existing in nature.
This innovative polyolefin fibre is even lighterthan water, on witch floats.
With Dryarn you can enjoy a warm and dry body and a delightful sense of well-being.
Given its high surface tension, water, humidity and perspiration are drawn away from the fabric and are able to evaporate quickly or be absorbed by other compatible fibres such as cotton.
It has a unique insulating power, even greater than wool, so is inclined to maintain thr body´s natural temperature and protect from beat and cold.

Material : 50% Poliamide 50% Polypropylene
# T626ZN


Производитель  ASICS

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